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Magnetic Magic

"Look!" squeals three-year-old Eleanor.  "I can pick up these two balls. It's magic!" Have you ever seen young children playing with magnets? The "magical" properties of magnets never fail to captivate early learners and spark a play buzz. Children learn by investigating, observing and figuring out how things work. Magnets fuel that curiosity in a […]

Shadow Explorers

"It looks like we're holding hands, but we aren't!" says Maya to Noah as she studies their shadows. When we're outside, we often engage in body shadow play with the sun as our light source. Exploring the ways that our shadows change as we move our bodies is a great way to get children engaged […]

Inside, Outside and Through a Log

“Look!  A log with a hole in it! Can we crawl into it?”  Our hike comes to a complete halt as the children regard the hollowed-out log with a sense of wonder. This gift from nature is an irresistible invitation to investigate and play! Physical play like this expands a child's vocabulary and fosters a natural […]

The Importance of Play

Kindergarten readiness isn’t just about knowing how to count to 20 or recognize the letters of the alphabet. It's about getting your child ready to learn, not ready to memorize letters and numbers.  Your child will have a new schedule, new rules to follow, lines to stand in and lots of sitting and waiting, along […]

Eclipse Viewing With Family and Friends

The dogs are barking so much . . . I think they are scared,” says Vera as she looks up at the sky with her certified safe eclipse glasses pressed against her eyes. She is absolutely right! The dogs in the neighborhood, the singing birds in the trees and the chirping crickets are louder and more intense […]

Different Children, Different Learning Styles

Some children are great at building with blocks. Others are "word people" who master new vocabulary words daily. Some are expert tree climbers. These clues may give you insights into each child's learning style. When children excel at an activity, they repeat it often—and this makes them more likely to continue to build their skills […]

Read It Again!

“Can you read it again? PLEASE?”  Have you been hearing this plea over and over again lately? Maybe it's time for some new reading material! As September unfolds, the following STEM books are guaranteed to educate, enrich and entertain young children. The concept of a STEM-focused education (which incorporates science, technology, engineering and math into the academic curriculum) […]

Lessons From An Obstacle Course

"Go around the tree, through the tunnel, over the rocks, under the parachute and onto the swing. Then throw a beanbag through the hula hoop and run and touch the fence. The first person to do that WINS!" I listen as five-year-old Juan walks his eager friend through the steps of the obstacle course he […]

Happy National Root Beer Float Day!

"Can we make a concoction today?” asks Malhar, one of our budding scientists. It’s a hot Thursday afternoon and everyone is a little shagged from the heat—including me. A concoction sounds like a messy, energy-sapping endeavor, but Malhar is insistent. “Do you have any root beer?” he whispers to me after looking around to make […]