The road to readiness begins at home. When families play an active role in preparing their preschoolers for kindergarten, their children are happier and more confident in the classroom, which makes them better learners and leads to long-term school success.

The Ready Family

Kindergarten readiness starts at home.

You are your child’s first and most important teacher.

There’s a lot that you and other family members can do at home and in the community to prepare for the big changes ahead.

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The Ready Family

child and parent reading
parents and child decorating eggs
happy family reading
parents and child reading
child and adults gardening tomatoes
child with braided hair and backpack holding adult's hand
Create positive expectationsPromote independenceBuild new routinesLearning through playBuild relationshipsBe a prepared parent

Now that you know more about being a kindergarten-ready family, try out these fun ideas and activities